“Red Label” Gramophone Records — Highlights from the February 1904 G&T Catalog

Many of the records in Gramophone & Typewriter’s February 1904 catalog were also issued in the U.S. as Imported Red Seal Records. Details of those issues (many now quite rare) can be found in John Bolig’s Victor Red Seal Discography, Vol. I — Check out Mainspring’s Annual Bumped-Book Sale for big savings on copies with just slightly bruised covers (sale ends July 1).

Eventually Victor adopted a policy of replacing imported recordings like these with their own domestic versions whenever the performers could be gotten into a Victor studio. You can find more on the Red Seal’s earliest days in A Phonograph in Every Home: The Evolution of the American Recording Industry, 1909-1919, also available from Mainspring.

.From the Bill Bryant archive  (Firefox Users: If image is excessively blurred or pixelated, try a full refresh — CTL/CMD+F5)