Emerson 7″ Disc Ads (1917)

EMERSON_7-inch-ads-1917The first installment of the Emerson Discography (covering the complete 10″ and 12″ issues) released a few months ago. The second installment, which will cover all of the smaller-diameter issues, is in the works.

Friday’s Playlist (Oct. 7) • Nat M. Wills


NAT M. WILLS: B.P.O.E. (Elks’ Song)

Victor 5614  (mx. B-6541-2)
Camden, NJ: October 14, 1908  (Released December 1908)
With studio orchestra (probably Walter B. Rogers, conductor)

Note: The Victor recording ledgers do not list the conductor


NAT M. WILLS: New York, What’s the Matter With You? (Good-bye, My Tango)  (from “Ziegfeld Follies of 1913”)

Victor 17461  (mx. B-13838-1)
Camden, NJ: September 22, 1913  (Released December 1913)
With unidentified orchestra  (Frank N. Darling, conductor)

Note: Darling was the “Follies” conductor. The ledgers do not state whether the accompanying musicians were also from the show, but their performance does seem a notch above the usual studio-orchestra efforts.


NAT M. WILLS: A New Cure for Drinking  [a.k.a. Christian Science]

Victor 17915  (mx. B-13844-2)
Camden, NJ: February 10, 1915  (Released February 1916)
Speech, unaccompanied

Note: Originally logged in the Victor ledgers as “Christian Science,” the  title Wills often used for this routine in vaudeville. Ironically, two years later Wills himself died of carbon monoxide poisoning in what was widely rumored (but not officially ruled) to be a suicide.


Details of all Nat M. Wills recordings can be found in The American Stage Performers Discography (Mainspring Press — limited quantities still available).