New Emerson Discography Now in Stock

The first installment of the Emerson discography has arrived early and is in stock for immediate delivery. This volume covers the complete 10″ and 12″ series (1919-1927), as well as the thousands of corresponding issues on client and subsidiary labels, including the notoriously tangled Grey Gull and BD&M groups. (A companion volume covering the smaller-diameter issues is in development for 2014.)

This is a 360-page 7×10″ quality softcover edition, for $45 with free U.S. and Canadian shipping. For full details and secure online ordering, visit the Mainspring Press website.

Emerson Records: A History and Discography (Bryant & Sutton)

Emerson 78 Records • Highlights from the October 1919 Catalog

Emerson was still issuing new nine-inch discs (9000 series) when this supplement was issued in October 1919, but the small-diameter discs were rapidly being overtaken by new standard ten-inch records (1000 series). Emerson for some reason called the early ten-inch discs “Gold Seal” records, although the labels were black.

Paul Bolognese (last panel) was the musical director for Emerson’s classical, operatic, and international series. He later worked as a house conductor for cheap-record producer Grey Gull. Cal Stewart (fourth panel) died two months after this catalog was issued, but some of his “Uncle Josh” records were still listed when the Emerson label was discontinued in 1928. (From the Bill Bryant archive)