Undocumented Claxtonola Found

A previously unreported Claxtonola 78 recently turned up in Denver. It’s not logged in the Gennett ledgers, and it’s missing from all discographies we’ve checked so far, including Crane, Rust, and Johnson & Shirley.

Both sides are by Perley Breed’s Shephard Colonial Orchestra (a fairly hot white group) and use the same takes that were issued on Gennett — 9204, plain take, on “Tell Me Dreamy Eyes”; and 9205-B on “Where’s My Sweetie Hiding?” The recordings were made in NYC on November 22, 1924, and were originally released on the Gennett label in January 1925. The Claxtonola release date probably would have been during the early spring of 1925. The label was discontinued that summer, so #40401 would have been available for only a matter of months.

This discovery adds a couple of new pseudonyms to our ever-growing list — Both sides were issued under the alias “Pelham Bay Serenaders,” with vocalist Frank Cornwell disguised as “Chas. Brown.”