Last Call for “Paramount’s Rise and Fall” (Alex van der Tuuk)

We’re down to our last carton of Alex van der Tuuk’s classic Paramount’s Rise and Fall (Revised & Expanded Edition) and won’t be printing any further copies or producing a third edition.

Once these are gone, the only place you’ll be able to obtain a copy is on the collectible-book market, no doubt at an astronomical price. (Don’t believe it? Check out used-copy pricing for this and the original edition on

New sealed copies can still be ordered from the Mainspring Press website, while supplies last — and unlike the good folks at  Amazon, we won’t charge you $109!

Some additional Paramount ads, from the Mainspring Press reference collection. If you enjoy these, be sure to check out Race Records and the American Recording Industry: An Illustrated History, 1919-1945, also available from Mainspring Press.

The Playlist • The Best of Blind Blake (1927–1929)



BLIND BLAKE: One Time Blues

Chicago (Marsh Laboratories): c. April 1927
Paramount 12479 (mx. 4363 – 2; ctl. 577)


BLIND BLAKE: Bad Feeling Blues

Chicago (Marsh Laboratories): c. April 1927
Paramount 12497 (mx. 4443 – 1; ctl. 697)


BLIND BLAKE (with uncredited bones player):
That Will Never Happen No More

Chicago (Marsh Laboratories): c. April 1927
Paramount 12497 (mx. 4468 – 2; ctl. 698)


Panther Squall Blues

Chicago (Marsh Laboratories): c. May 1928
Paramount 12723 (mx. 20582 – )
From a tape dubbing provided by the late Mike Stewart.


BLIND BLAKE (guitar and talking) with
CHARLIE SPAND (piano): Hastings Street

Richmond, IN (Gennett studio): August 17, 1929
Columbia 37336 (dubbing of Gennett mx. 15457)
Recorded for Paramount by Gennett, and originally issued on Paramount 12863. The Columbia dubbed reissue used for this transfer was part of a 1940s album set.