Editorial • Just When You Thought We Were Done with Judy Woodruff…

Editorial • Just When You Thought We Were Done with Judy Woodruff….


…she’s back on PBS, in what threatens to be a two-year series in which she spouts her trite, tired vision of who “we” are, and where “we” seem to be headed as a nation.

Enough, already.

We are in the grips of an entrenched gerontocracy, bogged down by the likes of a doddering, backward-looking Joe Biden, a paranoid-delusional Donald Trump, and the various Mitch McConnells and Nancy Pelosis who have long-since outlived any purpose they might once have served. Having a sad relic like Judy Woodruff back on public television only compounds the problem.

Please: Let PBS know that we not only want, but desperately need, fresh talent, fresh viewpoints, and a positive new direction — preferably from those still at a safe distance from death’s door.

Thanks for your service, old-timers, but please have the common decency to move on now, so that we can move ahead.

Allan Sutton


You can help in the effort to impose term limits on all appointed and elected federal officials. Here’s a good starting point  if you’d like to know more.