University of California–Santa Barbara Is Now Co-Hosting the Mainspring Press Discographies

University of California–Santa Barbara Is Now Co-Hosting the Mainspring Press Discographies



As of this week, you can also access Mainspring Press’ digital discographies on the University of California-Santa Barbara’s Discography of American Historical Recordings site.

Five newly revised editions are currently available on DAHR, and ten more will follow as revisions are completed over the next several months. Updates will be coordinated between the two sites, ensuring that both are hosting the latest versions. (To see all titles that are currently available on the Mainspring blog, visit our free Online Reference Library.)

DAHR is also hosting several outstanding discographies by Mainspring Press author John Bolig. In addition, Greenwood Press and other publishers have made some of their titles available as free e-books.

The site’s crowning feature is its massive, ever-expanding, and highly authoritative discographical database of 78-era recordings. Largely compiled from original company documentation, it embodies a level of detail not found elsewhere, is well-organized and easily searchable, and includes linked audio files for many recordings.


As always, we welcome properly documented additions and corrections to the Mainspring discographies from first-hand inspection of the original recordings (preferably supported by photos or scans if you are not one of our regular contributors). They can be e-mailed to us at If sending large files, please use WeTransfer or a similar file-compression program.

Keep in mind that these discographies are copyrighted works, with publication rights licensed solely to Mainspring Press and the University of California–Santa Barbara. Alteration, copying, re-posting, and/or distribution by any other party, in any form or by any means, is prohibited.