The Pathe – Perfect Discography (1922 – 1930), Second Edition • Free Online Version

Second Edition (Digital Version 1.0)

By Allan Sutton

Data Compiled by William R. Bryant,
The Record Research Associates, et al.


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The newest addition to the free Mainspring Press Online Reference Library covers all concurrent Pathé–Perfect domestic-catalog issues, from the introduction of Perfect in 1922 to the discontinuation of the American Pathé label in early 1930. Totaling more than 750 pages, this newly revised and expanded edition includes highly detailed discographical data for all U.S. releases on Pathé, Perfect, and their many affiliated labels.

The work also includes an illustrated, well-documented history of the American Pathé operation, label illustrations, and guidance on two particularly vexing problems that have tripped-up some discographers in the past — the difference between dubbing numbers and true take designations on acoustic recordings; and the assignment of false master numbers and take designations during the Pathé-Cameo and American Record Corporation merger periods (there was a method to that seeming madness, as determined by first-hand aural and visual comparison of many thousands of original pressingsd).  


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