Coming in September: Free Downloads of “The Columbia Record”

Coming in September: Free Downloads of
The Columbia Record


The Columbia Record was Columbia’s monthly house publication, chocked-full of photographs, news, company propaganda, and cylinder and disc lists. If you’re looking for information on Columbia’s foreign recording expeditions, the latest phonograph models and improvements, gossip on recording artists, patent lawsuits, or just about anything else Columbia-related — albeit with a strong pro-Columbia spin (researchers, you’ve been forewarned!) — you’re likely to find it here.

Beginning in September, and starting with the 1904 volume, we’ll be posting free high-resolution downloads of these invaluable publications, from the library of Steve Smolian. Many thanks to Steve for the loan of his rare originals, and to Dick Spottswood, who first suggested the project.

In the meantime, look for a lot of new Columbia-related postings based upon, and illustrated with, what we’re finding in within these pages. Here’s a downsized sampling of what’s to come (downloads will be high-resolution JPG’s at actual page size):