New Discography: The Recordings of Beniamino Gigli, 1918 – 1955 (John R. Bolig) — Free Download

New Discography — Download Free for Personal Use

His Master’s Voice and Victor, 1918–1955
John R. Bolig


A welcome addition to Mainspring Press’ free Online Reference Library, John Bolig’s latest work provides full discographical details of Gigli’s recordings for His Master’s Voice and Victor from 1918 through 1955, compiled from the original company documentation.

Gigli was the first of many tenors to be described as “The next Caruso.” His career began shortly before the great tenor’s death, and he went on to become a major attraction in opera houses and on concert stages around the world, in addition to appearing in a number of motion pictures. Critics agree that he possessed a beautiful voice, although some accuse him of being overly emotional at times, while others are not impressed by some of the material he chose to record. Critics aside, he enjoyed a passionate group of followers over his lengthy career.

The Recordings of Beniamino Gigli is a worthy companion to John Bolig’s classic Caruso Records: A History and Discography (2002), his first of many books for Mainspring Press, and it upholds the high standards he’s maintained in every publication since then.


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Photographs from the G.G. Bain Collection, Library of Congress