Coming This Week — Get a $1,935.89 Book for Free!

No joke, sadly — This is a current listing on (Actually, it’s  one of two listings for the same book, from two different vendors who just happened to have come up with exactly the same bizarre price; hmmm….)

Now, we’re not opposed to anyone making a fair profit, but unbridled greed is a different ballgame (not that we expect they’ll have any takers, even with a sucker being born every second). But since there’s no law against being a schmuck, we’re taking a more direct approach to the problem:

This coming week, thanks to John’s generosity, we’ll be posting a free PDF of the very same Victor Discography: Green. Blue, and Purple Labels (1910–1926) in its complete, original form. You’re welcome to download it, pass along the link to all your collector friends, and enjoy the heck out of of it, on us — knowing you’ve saved $1,935.89.

Check back in a few days, and cheers!

— Mainspring Press