Latest Updates: “American Record Companies and Producers, 1888 – 1950”

The initial response to our announcement of American Record Labels and Producers 1888 – 1950  has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic! Thanks to all who took the time to get in touch. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond personally, due to the high volume of messages and the time constraints imposed by  final preparations for an early October press date.

In response to some questions, we are not accepting pre-publication orders. Our policy has always been not to charge a customer until we have goods in hand. The book’s release will be announced upon arrival from the printer, at which time orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a limited printing of 300 deluxe hardbound copies, each of which will be accompanied by a certificate numbered and signed by the author.

Review copies are being provided to a select group of print publications only. As always, sales will be direct-to-consumer, cutting out Amazon and other costly middlemen.

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Heading to Press in October: “American Record Companies and Producers, 1888 – 1950,” by Allan Sutton




1888 – 1950
An Encyclopedic History

By Allan Sutton
Winner, ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award


Approx. 748 Pages
7″ x 10″ Full-Cloth Hardcover

Edition Limited to 300 Copies
with numbered and signed certificate



Covering more than 1,200 companies, studios, and producers (and the thousands of disc and cylinder brands they produced), from the birth of commercial recording to the start of the LP era. Each entry include locations, operating dates, personnel, commercial labels and other materials produced, and detailed histories compiled largely from primary-source materials. With subject and label indexes, extensive source citations, and corporate timelines and genealogical charts.

The book is organized by company or producer, rather than by individual label. Labels are of course covered in detail, within their respective producers’ entries. The focus is on labels intended for commercial distribution, whether to the general public, jukebox operators, or subscribers. Not included are one-offs, promo issues, vanity labels, private recordings, educational and kiddie records, companies that did not produce or market original recordings (including pirates, reissue-only producers, and those who obtained their material entirely from foreign or other outside sources), etc. The entry list includes but is not limited to:


— A —
A-1 Records of America
Abbey Record Corporation / Abbey Records, Inc.
ABC-Eagle Records
ABC Records
Ace Record Company
Acme Radio & Record Corporation, et al.
Admiral Records, Inc. / Adam Records, Inc.
Advance Records
Adventure Record Company / Adventure Records, Inc.
Advertisers Recording Service, Inc.
The Aeolian Company
Aetna Music Corporation
Aguila Record Manufacturing Company
Ajax Record Company
Alabama Phonograph Company
Aladdin Records
Alben Record Company
Alco Recording Company
Alco Research and Engineering Company
Alert Records, Inc.
Alegene Sound and Radio Company / Algene Recording Studios
Allegro Records
Allender Record Distributors
Allied (Phonograph And) Record Manufacturing Company
Allied Recording Company
J. B. Allison Recording Laboratories
Alpha Records, Inc.
Alvin Records
AM Records / American Music
Ambassador Records / Ambassador-Enterprise Records, Inc.
American Elite, Inc.
American Graphophone Company
American Indian Soundchiefs Corporation
American Institute of Music–Arts and Drama
American Jazz, Inc.
American Odeon Corporation
American Phonograph Company
American Phonograph Record Company
American Record Company [I]
American Record Company [II]
American Record Corporation
American Record Corporation of California
American Record Manufacturing Company [I]
American Record Manufacturing Company [II]
American Recording and Transcription Service / Art Records Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
American Recording Artists / Ara Records
American Recording Company
American Recording Laboratories
American Talking Machine Company [I]
American Talking Machine Company [II]
American Vitaphone Company
Americana Records
Amigo Music Publishing Company / Ansa Records
Ammor Record Corporation / Ammor Record Company
Amuke Record Company
Angelico Company / Angelophone Records
Apex Recording Laboratory
Apex Recording Studios
Apollo Record Company [I]
Apollo Record Company [II]
Apollo Records, Inc. / Apollo Music Enterprises
Appliances Company, The
Arcadia Records and Transcription Company, Inc.
Manuel Archuleta Production Enterprise
Arco Records [I]
Arco Records [II]
Arden Recording Company
Ardene Record Company
Ardyal Records
Arista Record Corporation
Aristocrat Record Corporation
Arkay Records
Arrow Phonograph Corporation
Art Service Music
Artist Records, Inc.
Artistic Records
Artists Music Corporation
The Arto Company
Arvid Records, Inc.
ASA Records
Asch Recording Studios / Asch Records
Associated Music Publishers Recording Studios
Aydin Asllan (Metropolitan Phonograph Records Company / Me Re Record Company / Balkan Phonograph Record Company)
Associated Cinema Studios
Associated Studios Broadcasting and Recording
Athenian Record Company
Atlas Record Company
Atlantic Records
Atomic Record Company / Atomic, Inc.
Harry G. Atwood (Atwood–Herscher Publications / Harry G. Atwood Enterprises / Bell Song Publishing Company)
Auburn Button Works
Audeon Corporation
Audience Records, Inc.
Audio Company of America / A.C.A. Recording Studios, Inc.
Gene Austin Record Company
Autograph Records
Avalon Recording Company / Avalon Records, Inc.
Avon Records
Ayo Records

— B —
B. J. Exploitation Company
Bacchanal Recordings, Inc.
Bachman Studio
Back Bay Records
Peter Bacigalupi (& Sons)
Balcora Records Company
Baldwin Recording Studios, Inc.
Balkan Record Company
Ballen Record Company / Gotham Record Corporation
Bandwagon Records, Inc. / Bennett Records
Banner Records, Inc.
Barthel Records / Barthel, Inc.
Ray (Groovie Boy) Bartlett
Bartók Recording Studio
Batt Masian Company
Jim Beck Records / Jim Beck Recording Studios
Becker Recording Company
Bee Bee Bee Records
Belgian Conservatory of Music, Inc.
Bell Record Company / Bell Record Corporation
Bell Record Company, Ltd.
Bell Recording Corporation
Bell Records, Inc.
Belmont Record Company
Bel-Tone Recording Corporation
Beltone Recording Corporation
Belvedere Music Company
Emile Berliner (American Gramophone Company (1891–1893) / United States Gramophone Company / Berliner Gramophone Company, et al.)
H. S. Berliner Recording Laboratories
Besa Records
Bethlehem Music Company / Bethlehem Recording Laboratory
Bettini Phonograph Laboratory
Big Nickel Records
Bissell-Weisert Company
Black and White Records / Black and White Recording Company
Blazon Records
Blue Bonnet Music Company
Blu Records / Blue Records
Blue Chip Records
Blue Danube Records
Blu-Disc Record Company
Blue Label Records
Blue Note Records
Blue Ribbon Music Company / Blue Ribbon Records
Blue Star Records
Blu-White Record Company, Ltd.
Boney Records
Bongo Record Company
Bop Records
Bornand Music Box Record Company
Bost Records Company
Boston Talking Machine Company
D. E. Boswell and Company
C. H. Bourne Recording Company
Bowmar Records
Richard Bradley and Associates
Bribiesca Recording Company
Bridgeport Die and Machine Company
Brinckerhoff and Company, Inc. / Brinckerhoff Studios, Inc.–Time Abroad / General Sound Corporation
Broadcast Recorders, Inc.
Broadcast Recording Studios / Broadcast Records
Broadway Records
Bronco Records
Bronze Recording Studio / Bronze Record & Recording Company
George W. Broome
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company
Brunswick Radio Corporation
Brunswick Record Corporation
James (Jim) Bulleit (Bullet Recording & Transcription Company / Bullet Plastics / Bullet Records / Bulleit Enterprises, Inc. / Jim Bulleit Record Company)
Burke & Rous
Burt (Manufacturing) Company
Buster Records
Byer Recording Laboratory, Inc.

— C —
C & S Phonograph Record Company
Cadet Record Company
Cadillac Record Company [I]
Cadillac Record Company [II]
California Record (Manufacturing) Company
California Recording Company
Californian Record Company
Cameo Record Corporation
J. S. Candelario
Canzonet Record Company
Capital Sound Studios
Capitol Records, Inc.
Capitol Roll and Record Company
Capri Records
Cardinal Records, Inc .
Case Recording Company
Castle Record Company
CA-Song Record Corporation / Auto-Photo Record Company
Castle Records, Inc. [I]
Castle Records, Inc. [II]
Cavalcade Music Company
Cavalier Recording Company
Celesta Records Company
Celps Record (& Supply) Company
Celtic Record Company, Inc.
Central Nebraska Phonograph Company
Champion Record Company [I]
Champion Record Company [II]
Champion Recording Corporation
Chance Record Company
Changer Publications, Inc.
Charm Records, Inc.
Cherokee Record Company
Chess Record Corporation
Chicago Central Phonograph Company
Chicago Gramophone Society
Chicago Record Company
Chicago Recording Studios, Inc.
Chicago Talking Machine Company
Chief Record Company
Cincinnati Record Manufacturing Company
Circle Records / Circle Sound, Inc.
Citation Recording Company
City Sound & Recording Company
J. J. Clano Company / Verdi Music Shops (E. E. Verdi)
Clarion Record Company
Clarion Record Manufacturing Company, Inc. / Clarion Records, Inc.
Clark Phonograph Record Company
Classic Record Company
Claude Record Company
Clef Records, Inc.
Cleveland Phonograph Company
Clipper Records
Clover Records Company, Ltd.
Club Records
Co-Art Records Company
Coast Record (Manufacturing) Company / Charles E. Washburn Company
Cobra Records
Coleman Recording Company / Coleman Enterprises / Coleman Records, Inc.
Collectors Items, Inc.
Colonial Records, Inc. [I]
Colonial Records, Inc. [II]
Colony Record Company
Colorado Phonograph Company / Colorado and Utah Phonograph Company
Colossal Records
Columbia Phonograph Company and Related Companies (American Graphophone Company / Columbia Phonograph Company, General / Columbia Graphophone Company / Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company / Columbia Phonograph Company, Inc. )
Columbia Recording Corporation / Columbia Records, Inc.
Comar Records
Comet, Inc.
Commercial Record Company
Commodore Music Shop / Commodore Record Co., Inc.
Compo Company, Ltd. / Berliner Recording Laboratories (NYC)
Command Records
Concert Hall Society, Inc.
Concert Music Shop, Inc.
Concert Phonograph Record Company, Inc.
Consolidated Film Industries
Consolidated Phonograph Companies, Ltd.
Consolidated Record(ing) Corporation / Consolidated Recording Laboratories / Consolidated Studio
Continental Phonograph and Record Company
Continental Record Company
Continental Record Company, Inc.
Cook Laboratories
Cormac Records
Corona Records
Coronet Records (Inc.) [I]
Coronet Records [II]
Coronet Records [III]
Cosmo Records, Inc.
Courtney Records
Cova Recording Corporation
Covered Wagon Records, Inc.
Cowboy Record Company
Cozy Records
Crescent Music Corporation
Crescent Record Company
Criterion Laboratories / Criterion Records, Inc.
Crown Record Company
Crown Record Corporation  [I]
Crown Recording Corporation / Crown Records [II]
Crown Records [I]
Crystal Recording Studio
Crystal Tone Record Company
Crystalette Records of California / Crystalette Records, Inc.
Cudahy Recording Corporation
John Currie Enterprises
Currier Recording Company
Cyclone Records, Inc.

— D —
Daggett Studio
John F. Dahl Recording Company
Damon Recording Studios, Inc. / Damon Transcription Laboratory and Sound Service
Dana Records, Inc. / Dana Music Company
Danceland Record Company
Dance-Tone Record Company / Dance-Tone Records, Inc.
Davis & Schwegler, Inc.
Joe Davis (Beacon Record Company / Celebrity Records / Joe Davis Record Company / Davis Record Corporation / Jay-Dee Records)
Dc Records
De Luxe Record Company, Inc.
Decca Records, Inc.
Delmac Record Company
Delray Recording Company / Paradise Recording Company
Delta Records
Delvar Recording Company
Derby Records Corporation
Desert Recording Company
D-H Recording Company
Dial Records
Diamond Record Company, Inc.
Diamond Record Corporation
Diapason Records
Disc Company/Corporation of America
Disc-Co Recording Company
Disco Recording Company, Inc.
Disco Recording Corporation / Disco Recording Studios
Discos Azteca
Discos Falcón
Discos Cafamo / Montilla Records
Discos Peerless, S. A.
Discovery Records, Inc.
Dixie Records
Dixieland Records, Inc.
John Dolphin (Dolphin’s of Hollywood / Recorded In Hollywood)
Dome Records, Inc.
Domestic Talking Machine Corporation
Domino Phonograph Corporation
Domino Records
Donett Hit Record Company
Dot Record Company
Dot Records
Down Home Corporation
Down Home Record Company
Down River Records
Dublin Record Shop
Dudley Records
Duke Record Company
Duplex Phonograph Company
Durium Products Corporation / Durium Products, Inc.

— E —
Eagle Record Company
Early American Dances
Eastern Pennsylvania Phonograph Company
Ebony Records
Echo Recording Company
Echo Records [I]
Echo Records [II]
The Charles Eckart Company
Eddie’s Records
Thomas A. Edison, Inc. — Phonograph Division
Edison Phonograph Company
Edison Phonograph Company of Ohio
EDN Records
E. A. Eily Record Company
Ekko Recording Corporation
Electric Phonograph Corporation
Electric Recording Laboratories [I]
Electric Recording Laboratories [II]
Electro Broadcasters
Electro-Vox Recording Studios
Emanon Record Company
Embassy Record Company
Emcee Record Company
Emerald Record Company
Emerson Phonograph Company, Inc.
Emerson Recording Laboratories, Inc.
Empey Records, Inc.
Empire Broadcasting Corporation
Empire Record Company / Empire Record Corporation
Empire Recording Studios
Encore Record Company
Englewood Records
Enterprise Records, Inc.
Eslava Recording Company
Etna Recording Company, Inc.
Buss Everett Music Studio
Everstate Records
Everybodys Record, Inc.
Excellent Record Corporation
Excelsior Phonograph Company / Excelsior & Musical Phonograph Record Company
Excelsior Records
Exclusive Records
Exner Record Company / F. B. Exner

— F —
F and P Records
Faith Records
Falcon Record Company
Famous Record Company / Famous Records, Inc.
Famous Record Company, Inc., of New York
Famous Singers Records, Inc.
Fanfare Records
Fantasy Records [II]
Fargo Records
Favorite Manufacturing Company
Favorite Recording Company
FBC Distributing Company
Federal Record Corporation
Fentone Enterprises
Fine Arts Recording Company
Fine Recording Company / Fine Recording Studios
Carl Fischer Inc. (Miracoustic) Recording Studios
Fletcher Record Company, Inc.
Flint Records, Inc.
Flora Records
Florida Phonograph Company
Florida Records
F-M Records
FM Records / FM Recording Company
Folk Dancer Record Service
Folkraft Records
Folkways Records & Service Corporation
Fortune Records
4 Star Record Company, Inc.
49th State Hawaii Record Company
Fox Record Company
Frank’s Folk Tunes Record Company
Fran-Tone Records
Freedom Recording Company
Franwil Record Company
Fraternity Record Company
The Friends of Recorded Music
Frontier Records
Future Music Records

— G —
G. I. Records, Inc.
Gaelic (Phonograph) Record Company, Inc.
Gaiety Record Company
Gala Record Company / Gala Record Corporation
Gamut Records
Mauricio (Maurice) Garten (Aguila Recording Company / Tri-Color Recording Company)
Gee Bee Records
Robert L. (Bob) Geddins (Big Town Recordings / Down Town Recording, Inc. / Cava-Tone Recording)
Gem Records, Inc.
General Phonograph Corporation
Gennett Recording Laboratories
Georgia Phonograph Company
Gilt-Edge Record Company /
Glad Tidings Publishing Company / National Music Company
Glatfelter Recording Studio
Globe Distributors
Globe Phonograph Record Company
Globe Record Company [I]
Globe Record Company [II]
Glo Tone Records
Gold Medal Records, Inc.
Gold-Rain Recording Company
Gold Seal Record Company
Gold Tone Record Company
Goldband Record Company / Goldband Recording Studio
Golden Gate Record Company, Inc.
Golden Record Company, Inc.
Good Time Jazz
Goody Record Corporation / Gotham Record Company
Gospel Recording Company
Gospel Trumpet Company
Gramophone Shop, Inc., The
Grand Record Company
Greater New York Phonograph Company
Grecol Enterprises, Inc.
Greek National Opera Records Company, Inc.
Greek Record Company
Green Recording Studios
Robert (Bobby) Gregory (Gregory Record Company / Bobby Gregory Records / Cathy-Bobby Gregory Records)
Grey Gull Records, Inc. (1919–1930)
Grimes Music Publishers / Clef Publications
Guild Records, Inc.

— H —
H & M Laboratories
H. K. S. Publishing Company
Hallmark Pictures / Hallmark Productions, Inc.
Hamp-Tone Records, Inc.
Handy Record Company
Happiness Records
Roger Harding
Hardman Record Company
Hargail Records
Harmonia Record Corporation
Harmony Record Company
Harmony Recording Laboratories
Harmony Records
Harms, Kaiser & Hagen
Harris Record Company / Harris Recording Laboratories
Hart-Van Record Recording Company
Thomas W. Hatch, Publisher
Haven Records, Inc.
Hawaiian Transcription Productions
Hawthorne & Sheble [Manufacturing] Company
Headline Record Corporation of New York
George Heid Productions
Hellenic Phonograph Company
Hertz Recording Studios
Herzog Recording Company
High Time Records
Hi-Lite Recording Company
Holiday Record Company
Holiday Records (of Hollywood)
Hollywood International Records
Hollywood (Phonograph) Record Company
Hollywood Recording Company
Hollywood Rhythms Record Company
Hollywood Specialty Recordings
Hollywood Star Records
Winston Holmes Music Company
Holmes Royal Records Company
Hot Record Society / H. R. S. Recordings
Houston Records
Mary Howard Recordings
Howard Records, Inc.
Hub Records
Hucksters Recording Company, Inc.
Humor Record Company
Russell Hunting
Hy-Tone Recording Company / Hy-Tone Manufacturing & Distributing Company

— I —
Ideal Record Company, Inc.
Ideal Records
Imperial Record Company [I]
Imperial Record Company, Inc. [II]
Imperial Records, Inc.
Imperial Talking Machine Company
Impresario Records
Indestructible Phonographic Record Company
Independent Recording Laboratory, Inc.
Independent Record Releasing Association
Indigo Recordings, Inc.
International Phonograph and Record Company
International Record Collectors’ Club
International Record Company [I]
International Record Company [II]
International Recording Company, Inc.
International Records
International Records Agency
Iowa Phonograph Company
Island Music and Recording Company
Israel Record Company / Israel Music Foundation
Ivory Recording Company / Ivory Records
“Ivory” Recordings

— J —
J. O. B. Records
Jamboree Records, Inc.
Jazz-Disc Records
Jazz Information Records
Jazz Ltd.
Jazz Man Record Shop
Jazzology Records
Jet Records
Jewel Record Company [I]
Jewel Record Company [II]
Joco Records
Earle W. Jones (Jones Recording Laboratories / E. W. Jones Research Laboratories / Jones Sound Products)
Jubilee Records Company, Inc. / Jay-Gee Record Company, Inc.
Jugoslavia Jewelry and Phonograph Company
Juke Box Record Company
Jump Records
Jupiter Records

— K—
Kansas City Talking Machine Company
Kansas Phonograph Company
Kangaroo Record Company
Kappa Records, Inc.
Karpathia Record Company
John Keating Studios
Keen-O-Phone Company, Inc.
Keltic Record Corporation
Kem Records, Inc.
Kentucky Phonograph Company
Keyboard Record Company
Keynote Records
Keystone Records
Khoury’s Recordings
King Jazz, Inc.
King Record Company / King Records, Inc.
Kismet Record Company
Krantz Records
Ku Klux Klan-Affiliated Companies

— L —
La Bonita Records
La Marr Record Company
Laborator Ed. Jedlicka
The Laboratory Association
Lamb’s Recording Studios
The Lambert Company
Lamplighter Records
Lark Record Company
Lasso Record Company
Latin American Records
Lauderdale, Jack (Downbeat Recording Company / Swing Beat Records / Swing Time Record Company)
Laurent Records, Ltd.
Leda Records Company
Lee and Roth Enterprises
Lee Sales Company, Inc.
Leeds & Catlin Company
Leeds & Company
Leslie Records, Inc.
Lewis Records
Liberty Music Shop(s)
Liberty Phonograph Company
Liberty Record Company [I]
Liberty Record Company [II]
Liberty Recording Company
Library of Congress – Division of Music
Life Record Company
Life Records
Harry Lim Recordings
Lina Records
Benjamin Lincoln
Lincoln Record Corporation
Lincoln Records, Inc.
Linden Recordings / Linden Records
Lindenberg Records
Lindwood Recording Company
Little Wonder Record Company
Lissen Records, Inc.
Lloyd’s Novelty and Curio Shop
London Gramophone Corporation
Lone Star Music Company
Lone Star Publishing and Recording Company
Louisiana Phonograph Company, Ltd.
Lowery Enterprises / Lowery-Newman Enterprises, Inc.
Lucky 7 Recording Company
Lyraphone Company of America
Lyric Phonograph Company

— M —
Macy’s Recording Company
MacGregor, C. P. (MacGregor & Ingram Recording Laboratories / MacGregor & Sollie Recording Laboratories / MacGregor Transcription Studios)
Madison Record Company
Maestro Music Company / Maestro Record Company
A. J. Macksoud
Magnolia Records Company, Inc.
Main Stem Music Shop
Main Street Records
Majestic Phonograph Company, Inc. / Majestic Record Corporation
Majestic Records, Inc.
Major Records
Idessa Malone (Idessa Malone Distributors / Idessa Malone Enterprises / Staff Record Company)
Maloof Phonograph Company
Manhattan Music Corporation
Manhattan Recording Laboratories
Manor Record Company
Margo Record Company
Mar-Kee Records
Mars Records
Marsh Laboratories, Inc.
Charles Marshall
Marshall Record Company
S. W. Martin Distributing Company
Marvel Record Company
Marvel Records
Master Records, Inc. [I]
Master Records [II]
Mastertone Record Company, Inc.
Maunay Records
Mayfair Record & Recording Corporation
Melben Records
Melford Record Company
Mello-Strain Records, Ltd.
Mellow Music Shop / Mellow Record Company
Mel-Mar Records
Melmore, Inc.
Melodisc Recording Company
Melody Lane Recording Company
Melody Moderne, Inc. / Memo Records Corporation
Melody Records, Inc.
Melody Trail Records
Melotone Recording Studio
Melrose Records
Samuel (Sam) Meltzer
Memphis Recording Service / Phillips Recording Service
Mercer Records
Mercury Record Corporation
Merit Records
Mertone Recording Company
Metro Records (Inc.) [II] / Mero Records, Inc.
Metropolitan Phonograph Company
Metropolitan Record Company [I]
Metropolitan Record Company [II]
Metrotone Record Company
M-G-M Records, Inc. / Loew’s, Inc.
Michigan Phonograph Company
Mida Record Company
Midget Music, Inc. / Midget Music Productions / Fidelity Records [I]
J. D. Miller (Fais-Do-Do Records / Feature Records, et al.)
Miller Publications, Inc.
Miltone Record Company
Milwaukee Sound Service
Minnesota Phonograph Company
Miracle Record Company
Mirror Recordings
Missouri Phonograph Company
Modern Music Records / Modern Records
Modern Record Company / TAC Records
Modern Recording Studio
Monarch Records, Inc.
Mondi Records
John Monroe
Montana Phonograph Company
Mood Records
Moore & Layne Appliance Company
Morris-Lee Records
Morrison Music Company
Motif Record Manufacturing Company
Movietone Music Corporation
Murray Singer Records
Music Art Records
Music Enterprises, Inc.
Music For Society Record Company
Music, Inc.
Music-Mart Records
Music On Parade Records
Music You Enjoy, Inc.
Musical Phonograph Record Company
Musicraft Records / Musicraft (Recording) Corporation
Mutual Records
Muzak (Transcriptions), Inc. / Muzak Corporation

— N —
National Phonograph Company
National Radio Recording
National Record Company
National Records Company
The National Vocarium
Nation’s Forum
A Natural Hit ! Record Company
Nebraska Phonograph Company
New England Phonograph Company
New Jazz Record Company
New Jersey Phonograph Company
New Music Quarterly Recordings / New Music Recordings
New Orleans Bandwagon
New Orleans Record Shop
New Republic Records
New York Phonograph Company
New York Phonograph Recording Company
New York Recording Laboratories
Newark Recording Laboratories
Night Music Recording Company
Norcross Phonograph Company
Nordskog Phonograph Recording Company
North American Phonograph Company
North-American Recording Company
Northwest Recording Studios
Notary Records, Inc.
Numelody Records
Nu-Phonic Corporation
Nutmeg Record Corporation

— O —
Ellen O’Byrne De Witt (E. O’Byrne De Witt & Son / James O’Byrne De Witt & Company)
Thomas O’Dowd
Ohio Phonograph Company
Ohio Talking Machine Company
Okeh Phonograph Corporation
Oklahoma Tornado Recording Company
Old Dominion Phonograph Company
Old Timer Record Company
Oliver Record Company
Olympic Disc Record Corporation
Opera Disc Company
Opera Record Company / Opera Recording Company
Opera Records
Operaphone Manufacturing Corporation / Operaphone Company, Inc.
Opus Records
Ora Nelle Record Company
Orchid Record Corporation
Orchid Records and Publications
Oriole Records Corporation
Orpheum Record Company
Orpheus Record and Transcription Company
Otto Heineman Phonograph Supply Company, Inc.

— P —
Pace Phonograph Corporation / Black Swan Record Company
Pacemaker Record and Transcription Company
Pacific Record Company
Pacific Phonograph Agency / Pacific Phonograph Company
Page Recording Company
Palda Record Company
Pan-American Publications / Pan-Am Transcriptions
Pan-American Record Company / Birwell Corporation
Panhellenion Phonograph Record Company, Inc. / Panhellenic Record Company
Parade Record Company [I]
Parade Record Company (Inc.) [II]
Paradox Industries, Inc.
Paragon Records, Inc.
Paramount Record Manufacturing (and Recording) Company
Paramount Recording Company
Paramount Recording Corporation
Paramount Records
Parkway Records
Parody Records
Paroquette Record Manufacturing Company, Inc.
M. G. Parsekian & Company
Party Record Company
Pastel Records
Pathé Frères Phonograph Company
Pathé Phonograph & Radio Corporation
E. T. Paull Music Company
Pavilon Recording Company
Peacock Recording Company / Peacock Records, Inc.
Peak Records, Inc.
Pearl Records
Pearson’s Productions, Inc.
Penguin Recording Corporation
People’s Artists, Inc.
People’s Songs
Perfect Record Company
Peter Doraine, Inc.
Pfau Sound and Recording Studios
Phamous Records
Pharos Record Company
Philadelphia Book Concern
Philadelphia Recording Laboratories
Philmos Recording Company
Philo Recordings
Phoenix Publications and Recordings
Phonograph Record and Supply Company
Phonograph Recording Company
Photo & Sound, Inc.
Phototone Records
Pikes Peak Records
Pilot Radio Company / Pilot Radio Corporation
Pioneer Recording Company
Pix Records
Planet Record Company
Plaza Music Company
Pleasant Records
Plymouth Recording Company
Polo Record Corporation
Polonia Phonograph Company
Poloron Records
Polotone Music Corporation
The Polyphone Company / The Talking Machine Company
Popular Record Company
Popular Tunes
Portrait Records
Premier Radio Enterprises, Inc. / Premier Records
Premier Record Company
Premium Record Corporation
President Records
Prestige Records
Preview Records
Primrose Records
Prize Record Company
Process Record Company
Prudentia Records
Public Records, Inc.
Pyramid Record Company / Pyramid Records

— Q —
Q. R. S. Company
Quaker Music Company
Quality Records, Inc.
William Russell (Bill) Quinn (Gold Star Records / Gold Star Studios / Gulf Record Company, Inc. / Quinn Radio Service / Quinn Recording Company)

— R —
Radio Corporation of America — RCA Victor Division
Radio Music Productions
Radio Recorders, Inc.
Radio-Rundfunk Corporation
Radio Transcription Company of America, Ltd.
Ragtime Records
Rainbow Record Shop
Rainbow Records, Inc. / Rainbow Recording Corporation
Arnaldo Villareal Ramírez (Mira Record Company / Mission Record Company, Falcon Record Company, et al.)
Rampart Records
Rancho Records
Rangel Music Company
Maurice A. Rapoport (Metro Records [I] / Rem Records / Rex Records)
Raven Recording Company
Raymor–McCollister Music / Raymor Record Company
Rebelle Records
Rec-Art Recordings / Rec-Art Studios
Record Manufacturing Company
Record Syndicate Trust / Producers Recording Company
The Recorded Voice Company Laboratories
Recording Company of Los Angeles / Recola Record Company
Red Jay Recording Company
Red Bird Recording Studio
Red Bird Recordings
Redskin Records
Reed & Dawson / Reed, Dawson & Company
Reel Records
Hazard Reeves (Consolidated Records / General Records / Reeves Sound Studios / Reeves Soundcraft Corporation)
Regal Record Company, Inc.
Regal Record Corporation
Regal Records
Regent Records
Regis Record Company / Regis Records, Inc.
Rego Records
Relax Records
Religious Recordings
Remington Records, Inc.
Republic Records / Cecille Music Company
Request Records
Rex Talking Machine Corporation
James Kent (J. K.) Reynard
Rhapsody Records [I]
Rhapsody Records [II]
Rhumboogie Recording Company
Rhythm Records Company / Rhythmtone Records
Rhythm Recordings, Inc.
Rialto Records Corporation
Ribbon Records
Rice Recording Company
Rich Publications / Rich-Art Enterprises, Inc. / Rich-Art Records
Rich-R’-Tone Record Company
Richtone Record Company
RKO Pathé Studios
David (Dave) Ringle
Heart Records, Inc.
Rivoli Records
Robin Hood Records, Inc.
Homer A. Rodeheaver (Rainbow Record Company / Rainbow Recordings / Rodeheaver Record Company / Rodeheaver Recording Laboratories / Rodeheaver-Bennett Radio Productions)
Robin Records Company
Rocket Record Company
Rocket / Rockette Recording Company
Rodeo Records
Roland Records
Rondo Records, Inc.
Roost Records, Inc.
Rosas Records
Rose City Records
Roy Milton Record Company
Royal Record Company / Sepia Records, Inc.
Royal Records
The Roycrofters
’R-Tist Record Company
Rumpus Record Company

— S —
S & G Records
S. B. W. Recording Company
Sacred Records, Inc.
Saks Records
San Antonio Phonograph Company
San Antonio Records, Inc.
San Fernando Records
Sapphire Record & Talking Machine Company
Sapphire Record Company
Sarafian Sohag / Sokhag Record Company
Sarco Record Company
Savoy Record Company
Scandinavian Music Company
Scandinavian Music House, Inc.
Schirmer Records
Schooler Record Company
Schooner Records
Scoop Record Company [I]
Scoop Record Company [II]
Scoop Records
Scott Record Company
Scranton Button Company / Scranton Record Company
Sears, Roebuck & Company Silvertone Record Club
Security Records
Seeco Records, Inc.
Select Records, Inc.
Selective Record Company
Selest Records
Sellers, Inc. / Sellers Company
Sensation Record Company
Sequoia Recording Company
Serenade Recording Corporation
Session Records, Inc.
Seva Record Corporation
Seymour Records
Sharp Record Company
Shelby Recordings
Siemon Hard Rubber Company / Corporation
Signature Record Company / Signature Recording Corporation
Silver Records
Silver Spur Records
Silver Star Record Company
Silver Star Recording Company
Simfonia Record / Recording Company
Sittin’ In With Records, Inc.
Skyscraper Recording Company
Slate Enterprises, Inc.
Smart Records
Harry Smith
Society Recordings
Solo Art Recordings
Sonart Record Corporation
Sonata Records
Songcraft, Inc.
Song-of-the-Month Club
Sonora Phonograph Company, Inc. / Sonora Phonograph Corporation
Sonora Radio and Television Corporation / Sonora Record Company
Sonorous Music Company, Inc.
Sorority Fraternity Records and Publications / Mayhams and Co-Ed Records
South Dakota Phonograph Company
Souvenair Records Company
Spanish Music Center / Coda Record Company
Specialty Record Company, Inc.
Specialty Records
Spikes Brothers Phonograph Company
Spin Records, Inc.
Spinet Records
Spire Records Company, Inc.
Spire Records, Ltd.
Spiro Record Corporation
Spokane Phonograph Company
Spotlight Records, Inc.
Spotlite Record Company
Square Deal Recording Company
Stanchel Record Company
Standard Phono Company / Standard Phonograph Company, Inc. [II]
Standard Phonograph Company, Inc. [I]
Standard Phonograph Record Company
Standard Talking Machine Company
Stanley Recording Company of America, Inc.
Stapleton Industries / Lucky Music Corporation
Star Melodies Music Publishers and Record Producers
Star Record Company
Star Records [I]
Star Records [II]
Star Talent Records
Starland Record Company
Starlight Music Company
Starr Piano Company — Gennett Records Division
Starr Record Company
State Phonograph Company of Illinois
John Steiner (New York Recording Laboratories [II] / S. D. Records / Steiner & Davis)
Sterling Records, Inc.
Stinson Records / Stinson Trading Company
Stork Record Company
Strong Record Company, Inc.
Studio Records
Sullivan Records
Sultan Recording Company
Sultan Records
Sun Recording Corporation
Sunbeam Recording Company
Sunrise Record Corporation
Sunset Record Company
Sunset Recording Company
Sunshine Recording Company / Sunshine Productions and Records
Super Discs
Superb Record Company
Superior Recording Company
Supreme Records, Inc.
Swan Recording Company, Inc.
Sweet-Tone Recording Company
Swing Record Manufacturing Company
Sylvan Records

— T —
Talent Records
Talking Photo Corporation
Talk-O-Phone Company
Tanner Manufacturing and Distributing Company
Tara Irish Records, Inc.
Taxco Recording Company
Tech-Art Recordings
Technicord Records
Tel-a-Vix Recording Studios
Tele-Records, Inc.
Tempo Record Company of America
Tempo-Tone Recordings
Tennessee Phonograph Company
Tennessee Records, Inc.
Texas Phonograph Company
Texstar Records
Three Minute Record, Inc.
Thrillwood Records
Time Abroad, Ltd.
Timely Recording Company
Tin Pan Alley Records Company
Token Records, Inc.
Top Record Company / Top Records, Inc.
Top Tune Recordings, Inc.
Top Tunes Company
Tower Top Recording and Transcription Studio
Tops Music Enterprises / Tops Records
Town & Country Record Company, Inc.
Trans Radio Productions / Stellar Records, Inc.
Trell Records
Trianon Record Company
Trilon Record Manufacturing Company
Trident Records Corporation
Tri-State Recording Company
Triumph Records
Trope Records
Trophy Record Company
Tropical Records Corporation
Tru-Blue Record Company
Tru Tone Productions, Inc. / Tru Tone Records, Inc.
Trumpis-Collar & Associates
Trutest Studios
Tune-Disk Record Corporation
The Turntable

— U —
U. S. Phonograph Company
Ultra Record Company
Union of Irish Industries, Inc.
Unique Music Publishers and Recording Company
Unison Records
United Artist Records
United Broadcasting Company
United Hebrew Disk and Cylinder Company / United Hebrew Record Company
United Masters, Inc.
United Sound Systems Recording Laboratories / United Sound Studios
United States Phonograph Company
United States Record Corporation
United States Record Manufacturing Corporation
Unity School of Christianity
Universal Phonograph Company
Universal Recorders, Inc.
Universal Recording Company, Inc.
Universal Recording Corporation / Universal Records
Universal Recording Studios / Universal Record Company
Universal Talking Machine (Manufacturing) Company
University Recording Company, Inc.
University Records Corporation
Uptown Records
URAB Recording Studio / United Recording Artists Bureau
Urban Record Company

— V —
Van-Es Recording Company
Vanguard Records
Vargo Record Company
Variety Records, Inc.
James D. Vaughan, Publisher
Vega Records
Velvet Record Company
Velvet Tone Record Company
Verne Recording Corporation of America
Victor Talking Machine Company (and predecessor companies)
Victory Record Company
Vitacoustic Record Company / Vitacoustic Records, Inc
Vitanola Talking Machine Company
Vocalion Records, Inc.
Vogue Recordings, Inc.
Von Battle Recording Company
Vox Corporation of America
Vox Productions, Inc.
Vulcan Record Corporation
Vulcan Records

— W —
W and W Recordings and Distributors
Walcutt, Miller & Company / Walcutt & Leeds / The Walcutt & Leeds Ltd.
Glenn Wallichs Recording Studios
Wallin’s Music Shop
Wallis Original Record Company
Jesse J. Warner (Warner Recording Laboratories / Warner Record Company / The Wabine Company / The Mexo-Flex Company / Pacific Coast Record Corporation, Ltd. (1929–1934) / Pacific Coast Record Corporation, Ltd. / Flexo Theater Record Company / Hollywood Flexo Record Company / Flexo Pacific Coast Record Corporation / Pacific Coast Record Studio / Titan Production Company, Inc. / Titan Recording Studios)
Waverly Recording Studios
Wax Records, Inc.
Webster Records
West Coast Phonograph Company
West Coast Recordings
Western Pennsylvania Phonograph Company
Western Radio Features
Western Recording Studios
Western Records / Western Recording Company
Westernair Records / Constellation Record and Distributing Company
Wheeling Recording Company
Williams & Rankin
J. Mayo (Ink) Williams (Southern Record Corporation / Harlem Records, Inc. / “Ink,” Inc. / Mayo Music / Ebony Records)
Willida Records
Whirling Disc
White Church Recording Company
Willow Walk Industries
Winchester Records
Windsor Records
Winsett Recording Laboratory
Wisconsin Phonograph Company
Wolf Recording Company
WOR Electrical Recording and Transcription Services / WOR Recording Studios
World Broadcasting System, Inc. / World Transcription Studios
World Records, Inc.
World’s Greatest Music / National Committee For Music Appreciation
Wright Record Corporation
Neale Wrightman (Neale Wrightman Publishers / Wrightman Music, Inc. / Wrightman Record Company / Wrimus Company)
Wyoming Phonograph Company

— Y —
Yale Record Company
Yerkes Recording Laboratories
Your Record Company

– Z –
Zarvah Art Record Company
Karl Zomar (Columbine Records / The Karl Zomar Library)
Zora Recording Studios / Zora Records