Mainspring Press News • November 2017


Leeds & Catlin Discography in Preparation for the Discography of American Historical Recordings Site

We’re planning to submit our Leeds & Catlin data to the University of California-Santa Barbara’s online DAHR project within the next several months. The work incorporates additions and revisions  (thankfully, very few) to our Leeds & Catlin Records: A History and Discography (Bryant & Sutton, 2015). A limited number of copies are still available if you prefer your data in print form, but be sure to order soon.


Update: The Encyclopedia of American Record Companies and Producers, 1888-1950

We continue to make steady progress on the Encyclopedia of American Record Companies and Producers, 1888-1950, with the addition of thirty-one new company entries since the last listing was posted in October. In addition, we recently acquired a substantial amount of high-quality reference material that is already proving indispensable in expanding and fact-checking the existing entries.

This was to have been an online-only offering, but many of you have asked for a printed version as well. No promises just yet, but we’re currently looking into that possibility (among other options, two important academic publishers have expressed interest).


Mainspring Press Book Availability

Recording the ‘Twenties (Sutton) and Berliner Records in America (Charosh) have recently sold out. The following titles are now in very short supply, with less than a carton remaining of each:

  • Race Records and the American Recording Industry, 1919-1945 (Sutton)
  • Leeds & Catlin Records: A History and Discography (Bryant & Sutton)
  • American Records Company, Hawthorne & Sheble, and International Record Company: Histories and Discographies (Bryant & Sutton)
  • Victor Special Labels, 1928-1942 (Bolig)
  • Indestructible and U-S Everlasting Cylinders (Nauck & Sutton)

Remaining inventory is selling out quickly as we wind-down our book operation, and these titles will not be reprinted. Be sure to visit the Mainspring Press website to see what’s still available.


Where Did the Playlists Go?

We discontinued our free MP3 Playlist feature over the summer. Conventional wisdom was that free music would draw new visitors in droves (which it did), and they would return the favor by occasionally springing for a book or two (which they did not).

Although we saw a massive increase in site traffic as the word spread, that didn’t translate into any significant increase in books sales. Nor did sales fall after we discontinued the feature (just the opposite, in fact; the second half of 2017 has seen our strongest sales, and bottom-line, in some time). In the end, it was an expensive feature that just didn’t pay its way.