Discography Update • Personnel for the May 1931 Ed Kirkeby – Billy Murray Sessions

Jazz Records and American Dance Bands both lack personnel listings for Ed Kirkeby’s May 1931 American Record Corporation sessions with singer Billy Murray, so we present them here, as logged in Mr. Kirkeby’s session files. Unfortunately, the jazz content is negligible to non-existent, despite the presence of some excellent hot musicians.

Titles from the first date were issued under Kirkeby’s venerable “Varsity Eight” (California Ramblers) pseudonym, with vocal chorus credited to Murray. Titles from the May 22 session are vocal duets credited to Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan (the latter being Walter Van Brunt’s stage name), with a small group accompanying. The latter date marks Adrian Rollini’s return to the Kirkeby fold after a long absence.


New York: May 8, 1931 — American Record Corporation

Mickey Mouse (We All Love You So)  (mx. 10614)
Popeye (The Sailor Man)  (mx. 10615)
I Wanna Sing About You  (mx. 10616)

Personnel per Ed Kirkeby’s log: Jack Purvis, Fred Van Eps Jr. (trumpets); Carl Loeffler (trombone); Tommy Bohn, Paul Mason, Bobby Davis (reeds); Lew Cobey (piano); Ed Sexton (guitar); Ward Lay (bass); Jack Powers (percussion); Billy Murray (vocal)

New York: May 22, 1931 — American Record Corporation

Skippy  (mx. 10670)
Let a Little Pleasure Interfere with Business  (mx. 10671)

Personnel per Ed Kirkeby’s log: Jack Purvis (trumpet); Bobby Davis (alto saxophone); Adrian Rollini (bass saxophone); Lew Cobey (piano); Jack Powers (percussion); Billy Murray and Walter Van Brunt (as Walter Scanlan) (vocal)