Friday’s Playlist (July 6) • Gospel Blues


BLIND JOE TAGGART (vocal & guitar) with EMMA TAGGART (vocal): I’ll Be Satisfied

New York: November 8, 1926
Vocalion 1063  (mx. E-4049W)


BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON (vocal & guitar): The Rain Don’t Fall on Me

Atlanta: April 20, 1930
Columbia 14537-D  (mx. W-194929-2, from W-150310-2)
The female singer (who is not identified on the labels or in the Columbia files) is believed to be Willie B. Richardson, Johnson’s first wife. The unusual matrix number belongs to a series reserved for dubbings; most masters from this session were remastered prior to release — see our May 9 posting for more on dubbed Columbia masters.


ARIZONA DRANES (vocal & piano): I Shall Wear a Golden Crown

Chicago: July 3, 1928
Okeh 8600  (mx. W-400980-A)
The backing singers and mandolinist are not identified on the labels or in the Okeh files.